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The Gap of Frustration

I don't usually share insights from particular meetings with my coaching clients but, following on from the Ira Glass quote above, I did see something the other day worth sharing.

One of the reasons that we can feel frustration with our work is that we have the capacity to "know" a higher or deeper level, though in another field or area of our life. We can sense what "deeper is" in one area but not in another. For example, a professional writer who is working on their musical composition chops feels far more frustration than a beginning musician who hasn't tasted the finer air in another field.

In my own case I have this experience with Aikido. In terms of being a musician I am possibly the equivalent of a fourth degree black belt. But in Aikido I am only less than half way to a first degree black belt. Essentially I am an experienced novice. This can be very frustrating for me on the mat, as I can "know" what it is like to be transparent with the moves -- to know that the moves have a life of their own and I simple "leave myself at the door" and let the move do itself -- but I can't. I know this as a musician, but with Aikido I am at a loss. I just don't have the experience under my belt. It may be as simple as the number of hours put in just haven't added up enough to get me there.

This frustration is actually a blessing, as I can "taste" the discrepancy between my capacity and what I know is possible. That gap is a source of energy.


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Reader Comments (5)

would you say that this is like having a confab with yourself?do you see yourself mentally as an accomplished teacher in conjunction with the real physical you as a person?i know i do when practice my phalanx

May 12, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterreggie

I am now convinced that I need to take Touchguitar/Coaching lessons with you at some point.

May 27, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJan-Gerrit

Nice article, thanks for the information.

June 3, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersewa mobil

Not sure why I didn't notice this before, Trey, but reading it is immensely helpful to me. I've struggled to get to where I want to be, and have found myself giving up because I figure I don't have the ability to get there. What I like is that you've turned the "gap" into a source of energy through continued work rather than letting it stop you from even trying. I want to do that too.

Take care.

July 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLainie Petersen

Thanks Trey and many blessings to you for the Ira Glass quote. Being a musician most all my life, turned to visual arts later on and during this period, It is the right encouragement and reminder I needed to hear today.

August 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLaMont Sudduth

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