Rome, Italy - Part Eight
Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 6:21AM
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Feb 18, 2015 Rome, Italy – Planet Club Rock

Ezra joined us on drums for "Intruder" tonight. Kudos to Jerry for bringing him up and getting him on it. This is slamming drum part, originally played by Phil Collins of Gabriel's third record (the Melting Face cover.) He got to play the fat snare. This is one of Jerry's signature drums. He has a regular snare and then a low tuned snare off to the side. And by low-tuned, I mean the nuts are hand-tightened. Super loose. For “Intruder” Jerry alternates between the two. Ezra nailed it, I have to say. Super fun and quite moving to be onstage together.

So many of the folks tonight knew the words. And by “knew the words”, I mean they sang the entire show with Brian. Every single song. That was pretty inspiring. Though I would find it challenging as the singer to have to nail every single syllable in sync with the audience.

When we arried at the venue in the early morning there was a small car parked in the place reserved for our bus. So we did what any reasonable group would do:







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