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“Music for Pictures” by Trey Gunn contains twenty-nine audio tracks culled, tweaked, re-orchestrated and re-manipulated from this King Crimson alumnus’ extensive body of scoring work for film and television. Using his unique instrumentation of 10-string touch guitars and bluesy fretless guitars, Gunn harnesses the power of several of the world’s top drummers to make this masterful work. These recordings originally began with a series of television documentaries and culminated in a film score for Pavel Runimov, heralded as the new Stanley Kubrick of Russia.

“Music For Pictures” is collection of tight, crystal-like compositions ranging from the dramatically gritty, to the clangorous, to the somnambulistic, to the complete disassembling of sound, itself, into the shattered sonic fissures of the final track.

with guest musicians:

Matt Chamberlain (drums -- Bill Frisell, Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, Critters Buggin')
Pat Mastelotto (drums – King Crimson, XTC)
Greg Gilmore (drums – Mother Love Bone)
Phil Petrocelli (drums – Jesu)
Beth Quist (voice – Bobby McFerrin)


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