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Scoring Credits

Every Beautiful Thing - film score [winner at Moondance Film Festival 2015 -- best score]
On The Case with Paula Zahn - main theme [Discovery Channel]
Amish Mafia [Discovery Channel]
Dhani Tackles the Globe [Travel Channel] Red Line Films
Countdown: 25 Years of ESPN (13 episodes of programming)
Dead Daughters [Russian feature film] Pavel Ruminov, director
Braddock (The Cinderella Man Story) [ESPN] Red Line Films
Timeless [ESPN] Red Line Films
Hawkeye: Iowa's Men of the Mat [ESPN]
Tattoos [ESPN] documentary
Spelling Bee [ESPN] documentary
The Monster Shark Tournament [ESPN]
Sahara: Footrace Across The Sand [ESPN]
Conde Nast [Glamour]
Whale Sharks [National Geographic]
Fantastic Festivals of the World [Discovery Channel]
Blue Realm [PBS]
Ship Sinkers [Discovery Science]

Shadowrun -- xBox [Microsoft]
Heist - Streets of San Francisco [Inxile Entertainment]

Dance Productions:
Scheme of Things – Netherlands Dance Theater Company, Tero Saarinen (choreographer), Premier Amsterdam 2009/2013

as Music Supervision:
Lost on the B-Side