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 This 1999 production represents material culled from Chapman Stick/Warr guitarist Trey Gunn's bank of previously unreleased outtakes or, as he states, "surfacings." Here, Gunn enlists the services of prominent modern jazz trumpeter/composer Dave Douglas along with drummer Pat Mastellotto (a fellow King Crimson bandmate) and drummer/percussionist Bob Muller. In addition, a female vocalist simply known as Serpentine sings on two tracks; yet, other than the leader, all the instrumentalists appear on selected pieces. With this effort, Gunn utilizes his electronic "tapping" instruments to lay down complex ostinato-type motifs while multi-tracking bass parts and churning out electrified solos. Hence, Gunn paints polytonal fabrics of sound via his cunning discourses and obliquely stated passages. Overall, the artist provides a disparate mix, consisting of ambient dreamscapes atop hard-driving backbeats and East Indian modalities. Meanwhile, Douglas and Gunn execute harmonious unison choruses amid straight-four rock measures and worldbeat-style grooves. Thus, Raw Power: Surfacings is a noteworthy outing from a musician who generally seeks to expand his already wide-ranging horizons. ~ Glenn Astarita, All Music Guide

Trey Gunn's third solo release is equal parts free jazz, art rock, and New Age, a riveting compendium of outtakes spanning a decade in the life of an active and versatile musician. Gunn, one-sixth of the rock ensemble King Crimson, inhabits a peculiar region between the electric guitar and the electric bass, tapping rich musical reserves in styles and octaves most people never think about. Using the Chapman Stick and Warr Guitar--instruments played with two hands on the fretboard, piano-style--Gunn burbles and weaves through a haunting web of moods and textures, putting rhythm first but forsaking neither melody nor harmonic complexity. Raw Power showcases the talents of trumpeter Dave Douglas and percussionist Bob Muller, ebbing gracefully into broad, atmospheric material. With dramatic finesse, Gunn mattes fluid bass lines and percussive melodies against tonal washes and arcing leads that beg favorable comparison with those of Crimson band mate Robert Fripp. Some pieces here may be little more than fragments, but this is inspired stuff, any way you cut it. -- Michael Mikesell

Trey Gunn -- Chapman Stick, Warr Guitar
Dave Douglas -- Trumpet
Bob Muller -- Drums & Tabla
Pat Mastelotto -- Drums
Serpentine -- Vocals

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