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TU is Trey Gunn & Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson

Crazy, sick, heavy, electronic, loud and raw tunes and improvisations from King Crimson rhythm section of Trey Gunn & Pat Mastelotto, together again, improvising with drums, bass and more...  Rock meets ambient meets world meets electronica. 19 tracks including 5 video tracks.

"Stunning debut from the two quiet King Crimson players reveals a Square Pusher /Zeppelin bombast tempered with an ambient Eno textured calm juxtaposed with the fury of a Coltrane improvisation"

      TU back story:

In November 2002, a few months after mixing the King Crimson TPTB CD, Trey and Pat absconded to Matt Chamberlain's loft studio in Seattle with engineer, Bill Munyon.

Being Seattle (a city that drinks a lot of coffee), we formed a daily habit of drinking strong coffee which was immediately followed by more coffee and then jam. Later, we would drink more coffee, organize the jam into a form, and drink more coffee and jam again. By the end of the day, which was really the beginning of the next day, we would pause for coffee and Absinthe while Bill would do a rough mix.

After some sleep followed by coffee, we would repeat the process allowing the muse to take us where she willed, which was usually for more coffee and jam (except for that one day with smoked salmon and coffee). After 10 days of this we had 90% of what is now called TU. The last 8% required calander breaks and still more coffee. The remaining TU% are divided evenly between chocolate chip scones and orange cranberry muffins.

Review comments:
"These two (TU) have come so far the place the left behind is in the future"

"Wow!. what fun! Great brainfuck stuff."

"The strongest one/two vocal punch since the Beatles unleashed John and . . . . . . Yoko."

"Trey & Pat, TU - fiiiiiiiiiiinaaaaalllllllyy. It's eminently worth the wait, though: loud and reckless with a take-no-prisoners attitude, it's the most rawkus-filled ProjeKct disc out there. Almost even makes Thunderbird seem tame."

"Sounds like King Crimson
's The Power To Believe's rude, younger brother. Intricate, hard-hitting stuff!"

"Trey & Pat, TU - yep, still causing headaches as much as ever. Bwaaaaaaahahaha!"

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