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TU is the duo of Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto, the pioneering rhythm section of “The Power to Believe” era King Crimson.

These live recordings document TU’s ongoing love affair with Russia. In 2010, TU performed across the entirety of Russia -- from the far east of Vladivostok to the far west of Moscow. “Live in Russia” captures this duo in the throws of their own unique brand of improvisation – pulling music out of the air and developing it right in front of the audience.

TU is two guys who have enough sound palate to paint the world, and they have - TU has played in Mexico, Poland, Russia, Japan and the USA where they were hand picked by the band TOOL to open several shows. They are always accompanied by video projections and often joined by local musicians and artists for a larger foray into their improvisational landscapes.

The Moscow Times says, “This wildly, electric duo improvises circles around circles...”

Bonus material includes TU interview with The Voice of Russia radio and material from the now discontinued cd TU “Official Bootleg.”

Trey Gunn - bass/touch and fretless guitars

Pat Mastelotto - electric and acoustic drums/samples


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