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Russian remix contest

My sometime musical collaborator Inna Zhelannaya has begun a remix contest with a track off her new cd "Cocoon." I played on this track as well as several other interesting Russian musicians.

"Cocoon" will be released in the US on my label, 7d Media, early this fall.

For the Russian speakers, here is the original remix link:
Inna remix track

For the non-Russian speakers, here is a translated version of the info page (have fun with the translation!):
Inna track info in English (if this link doesn't work see the translation below)

 Inna and I will be two of the judges in the contest. We look forward to checking out your entries!


>>>>Russian translation generously done by George Ross:<<<<

Remix context for the song “Kolodets... See More” (“Well”)

Inna Zhelannaya, PROMODJ and MuzTorg Co. present a remix contest for the song “Kolodets” (“Well”)

Inna Zhelannaya – one of a few Russian singers, famous far outside of Russia, founder of the band “Farlanders” (1994-2004) which gained an audience of hundreds of thousands of people at prestigeous jazz, pop, rock and ethnic music in Germany, Britain, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Singapure, USA and many others.

In February 2007, Zhelannaya announced the beginning of a new musical project. As usual, she gathers the best musical masters around her. Inna still works with folk materials from different regions of Russia, but even professionals have trouble determining the stylistic direction of this music. It’s an incredible mix of electronic, progressive, trance, psychedelic, jazz.

In November 2009, Inna Zhelannaya’s solo album “Kokon” (“Cocoon”) is released, with its basis once again being in Russian folk songs. Executed with fine taste and careful treatment of these folk materials, the meditative “Cocoon” is already recognized as one of Zhelannaya’s best works.

Inna Zhelannaya’s official site:

To participants of the contest:
Noone has previously tried to make remixes of my songs. I’m very curious how they may sound in new versions – I’m interested in other perspectives on music, on the creative process. I would like to offer you one of the tracks from my latest album “Cocoon” – “Kolodets” (“Well”). I understand that 11/8 is not the most suitable rhythmic format for this. But a very interesting one, I’m sure you will agree. Besides, you are not limited to this 11 – you may cut the vocals as you see fit, even if you would like to remix it into 4/4. The most important things which the jury will be looking for are distinctive character, originality and beauty. Because music is a beautiful thing, let’s not forget.

Besides the vocals, I have also added a solo from Trey Gunn, if someone would like to use it – you are welcome to do so. I’m sure he will appreciate your efforts.

Good luck!”

Arkady Marto – Pianist and composer, representative of the Moscow electronic tradition. Participated in many electronic-ambient projects – NIMB, 2 Avacados, Moscow Groove Institutes and others. Works with Alexander Aigi’s 4.33 Ensemble and Inna Zhelannaya. Has his own Eject Project - analogue, atmospheric ambient, bordering on psychoacoustic and classic electro-avantgarde.

Trey Gunn – Bassist, guitarist, composer. Worked with King Crimson, Tool, Puscifier, Punishment Farm, David Sylvian, Vernon Reid, Brian Eno, Azam Ali, Robert Frip, Kimmo Pohjonen. Besides solo work on stage, runs the media-label “7D Media”, writes music for movies and television, develops many-dimensional multimedia projects.

Sergei Kalachev – Composer, arranger, one of the most interesting bassist on the world music stage. Worked with the Utesov Orchestra, bands including Meeting at the Elbe, Alliance, Pelagea. Works with Inna Zhelannaya’s projects since 1994.

Igor Zamarev – From 1980 to 1988 was the sound engineer of Muslim Magomaev, worked with many stars of Soviet rock and pop music. From 1988 to 1991 – sound engineer at Studio MDM. Awarded the “Profi” award. Since 1991 lives in Oslo, works as sound designer at the Norwegian Theatre (Det Norske Teartet).

Alexander Polyakov – one of the first producers of electronic dance music in Russia, founder of the band PPK. Since 2005 – owner and A&R of the iRecords label.

Contest rules:
Participants in the contest must be registered as a musician on PROMODJ.

Original song:

Remix-pack can be downloaded here:
Musical time of the original: 11/8
Tempo of the original: 86 BPM.

Ready remixes in a full, completed form as an mp3 file with a bitrate no lower than 256kbps will be published by contest participants on their own pages, selecting the option to publish the track on the main user page.

No limitations on style of the remix. The maximum number of remixes to be submitted by a single participant is 2.

Attention! The remix must be titled as follows
Инна Желанная – Колодец (title of remix by name/pseudonym of the remixer), for example:
Инна Желанная – Колодец (Ambient remix by Dos Buratinos)

It is prohibited to publish the remixes in any physical media or pay-per-download services without a legal agreement with Inna Zhelannaya.
First publication of the remixes for free public download is allowed on the PromoDJ portal.

1st place: KORG MINI-KP effects processor + 1 year premium account on PromoDJ + publication on Inna Zhelannaya’s official Site

2nd place: KORG nanKONTROL USB controller + 1 year premium account on PromoDJ + publication on Inna Zhelannaya’s official Site

3rd place: 1 year premium account on PromoDJ + publication on Inna Zhelannaya’s official Site

Prizes presented by the MuzTorg company (

Contest end date: 13 June 2010.
Results announced: 21 June 2010.

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Reader Comments (6)

WOW!! beautiful woman.!!! How come when you play your warr, you get the good looking female musicians,when i play my warr all i get is ugly men wanting to touch it!!! the way when i tried to translate the page,it crashed but i did see the sentence will of smith gettin jiggy with it! You cannot make that stuff up.!!!

May 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterReggie Manning

Heard Inna and her band "The Farlanders" several times live. Very interesting blend of music and Sergey Kalachev is such a good bass player...

May 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSPH

There were three Sergey's in The Farlanders:

Sergey Kalachev (Grebstel) - the bass player

Sergey Clopa - clarinets, goat gut bag pipes, crazy long flutes, more winds than I can comprehend (I played on his latest solo cd that is fantastico!)

Sergey Starostin - amazing baritone voice, winds, ram horn and more

May 12, 2010 | Registered CommenterTrey Gunn

Hello Trey, I have been scratching my head around trying to find how and where to download this song.. Is there not a simple URL you could please past in this blog to ensure that others such as I could navigate there and begin to have some serious fun downloading and remixing.


Paul Jorgensen

May 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Jorgensen

I congratulate you had a great article. I read with pleasure

July 29, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkorg

I really enjoyed this post. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commentators here! Keep writing. Thanks.

August 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRussian Translation

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